Colitag Test Kits

*Colitag Test Kits

EPA Approval

What is Colitag™?

Colitag is a 16- 48 hour water test (P/A and MPN) that detects as few as 1 MPN of E. coli and other coliform bacteria in 100mL of water. Colitag is a US EPA approved for use as a presence absence test and in the Most Probable Number (MPN) format as specified in Standard Method 9221 for compliance monitoring of total coliforms and E.coli in drinking water.

Colitag Product Brochure

What about Controls?

To make a blank, dissolve one Colitag powdered test of the same lot being used for samples into 100mL sterile water. The blank may be used immediately or incubated along the test samples.

Bacterial control strains should be inoculated individually by transferring a loopful of fresh non-selective liquid culture into 100mL of sterile water mixed with the contents of one Colitag packet.

Colitag Certification Requirements by State

Modified Colitag is the fastest EPA approved presence/absence test available today. To get started using Modified Colitag in your state, and to access contact information for your state regulator, please follow the link below.

State Certification Information - Interactive map

This interactive map allows you to click on your state to see the actions required for certification (to use Modified Colitag for Compliance Purposes). You can also download the PDF version of each state's requirements and their point of contact.

State Certification Information - PDF

How Does Colitag Work?

Colitag's strength lies in its ease of use. Simply add Colitag to your 100ml sample, incubate for between 16 & 48 hours, use a simple visual check for coliforms in the first instance, then a fluorescence check to determine E.coli bacteria presence.

How to use Colitag

Watch Colitag in action!

Colitag Test Kits

Item No. Description
COLI9849 Colitag™ Test Kit, P/A 100mL Format, 200pk
COLI9850 Colitag™ Test Kit, P/A 100mL Format, 20pk
COLI9851 Colitag™ Test Kit, P/A 100mL Format, 100pk
COLI9851BP Colitag™ Test Kit Blister Pack, P/A 100mL Format, 100p
COLI9857 Colitag™ Comparator, P/A 100mL Format, Each

Confirmation Test Kit

Item No. Description
COLI-KO122 Confirmation Kit, Kovacs Reagent, 24mL

QC Set - Bacterial Control Strain

Item No. Description
M5144P Colitag™ QC Set, KWIK STIK™, 2pk


do you have a method/how to perform colitag(EPA approved)

We do not have approved methods for performing any regulated contaminant testing. Please see the appropriate table in 40 CFR part 136 or part 141 for a current list of accepted test methods.

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