Sample Vials for Coliform Testing

Sample Vials for Coliform Testing

Choose from snap cap or screw cap vials for collection of water samples for Coliform Testing.  All products are tested and certified for sterility. 


Item No. Description
D3200 Sterile Sampling Vial w/ Thiosulfate, 200pk
D3300 Clear Sterile Screwcap Vial w/Thiosulfate, 100pk
D3301 Clear Sterile Screwcap Vial w/o Thiosulfate, 100pk
D3400 Sample Bottle w/Thiosulfate, Strl, 150mL, 114bx


What is the distance in inches from the top of the container to the 100 mL fil line?

The headspace above the 100 mL fill line is one inch.

Does this certification

The expiration of the product takes into account all factors of use of the product.

where can i get the SDS for this item

Send an email to info@envexp.com to request the SDS.

Are these bottles recyclable?

Polystyrene bottles have a limited market and are difficult to recycle. Also, since the bottle will hold microbiological samples, they may not be accepted. Check with your local recycling center to see if they will accept these bottles.

do bottles have tracable lots?

These bottles do have a traceable lot number associated with them.

Does your item D3300 have an expiration date

When stored under the appropriate temperature and conditions, the unopened/undamaged sterilized products have a shelf life of up to five years from the sterile date.

how much does a 114 pack cost?

Contact your sales rep or log into the website for current pricing.

It does not say what the bottles are made of. Are they made of polystyrene or polypropylene or ?

The bottles are made of a non-fluorescing polystyrene material.

How much ppm of chlorine will 10mg of sodium thiosulfate neutralize?

In a 120 mL bottle, 10 mg sodium thiosulfate will neutralize up to 15 mg/L residual chlorine.

Are these available without the sodium thiosulfate?

No, they are not available without the sodium thiosulfate tablet included. There are sterile sampling bags without the thiosulfate tablet available.

Is there an expiration date for Item No. D3200 Lot #110822

These items are certified to be sterile for 2 years after the date on the certificate of sterility.

Where can i find the qc for the clear sterile screwcap vials with Thiosulfate?

Each lot is certified for sterility and a C of A will be sent along with the boxes when purchased. If you would like an example please e-mail info@envexp.com and we will send one to you.

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