Sample Bags for Coliform Testing

Sample Bags for Coliform Testing

Developed over 50 years ago, and made in the USA, Whirl-Pak bags were the first sterile sample bags on the market. They were designed to provide milk haulers with a container for collecting samples of bulk produced milk. Whirl-Pak® bags made possible the universal sample system, which means that a single sample can be used for all tests required for quality control, product content, and legal compliance.

Whirl-Pak® sample bags are a co-extrusion of low-density and linear low-density, virgin polyethylene, giving the bags two important characteristics:

  • Exceptionally clear film - easy to see through
  • Superior strength - unbreakable sample container

They may be used for taking samples of liquids, semi-solids, or solids. Whirl-Pak® bags are patented under Patent No. 2,973,131 and other patents pending. The film thickness varies from 2.25 mils (0.057 mm) to 4.0 mils (0.102 mm), depending on size and style. Because of the high-quality blended polyethylene, a high mil thickness is not required to achieve optimum strength.


Bags with white labeling area

Item No. Description
D3504 Whirl-Pak® Bags, Write-On, 4-oz., 500pk
D3518 Whirl-Pak® Bags, Write-On, 18-oz., 500pk
D3524 Whirl-Pak® Bags, Write-On, 24-oz., 500pk
EE0649960 Whirl-Pak Sterile Sampling Bag, Label, 2 oz; 500/Bx
EE0649972 Whirl-pak Sterile Sampling Bags, Label, 7oz; 500/Bx
EE0649974 Whirl-pak Sterile Sampling Bag, Label, 13oz; 500/Bx
EE0649987 Whirl-pak Sterile Sampling Bags, Label, 27oz; 500/Bx
EE0649989 Whirl-pak Sterile Sampling Bag, Label, 69oz; 500/Bx
EE0649994 Whirl-pak Sterile Sampling Bag, Label, 92oz; 250/Bx
EE0649998 Whirl-pak Sterile Sampling Bag, Label, 123oz; 250/Bx
EE0649999 Whirl-pak Sterile Sampling Bag, Label, 184oz; 100/Bx

Bags without white labeling area

Item No. Description
D3404 Whirl-Pak® Bags, Standard, 4-oz., 500pk
D3418 Whirl-Pak® Bags, Standard, 18-oz., 500pk
D3424 Whirl-Pak® Bags, Standard, 24-oz., 500pk
EE0649940 Whirl-Pak sterile sampling bag, 36 oz, Clear 500/bx
EE0649950 Whirl-Pak sterile sampling bag, 42 oz, Clear 500/bx
EE0649954 Whirl-pak Sterile Sampling Bag, 69 oz 500/bx

Sodium thiosulfate bags with tablet

Item No. Description
D34100T Whirl-Pak® Bags, Standard, w/Thio, 100mL, 100pk
D34300T Whirl-Pak® Bags, Standard, w/Thio, 300mL, 100pk

Speci-Sponge bags

Item No. Description
EE0649913 Whirl-Pak Speci-Sponge Surface Sampling Bag 100/Box


I want to know that how to flame the opening of the Whirl-Pak Bag before pouring the sample for testing?

The material of this product is not amenable to flame sterilization.

How many ppm of chlorine does the thiosulfate tablet neutralize?

The amount of chlorine neutralization by the tablet depends on the pH of the water. The tablet contains 10 mg of active sodium thiosulfate and can neutralize up to 10 mg chlorine.

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