Petri Dishes

Petri Dishes

The 50mm sterile petri dishes are a perfect fit for 47mm membrane filters. These convenient snug-fit dishes prevent membrane filters from drying during incubation. The polystyrene dishes have squared edges and raised ridges for ease of handling and secure stacking. Available with or without pre-loaded absorbent cellulose pads. Dishes are gamma sterilized and manufacturer's compliance is available upon request.

The 100mm sterile petri dishes are an economical choice when preparing dehydrated media. Their flat bottom surface allows for fast media jelling and the case of 500 contains conveniently packaged sleeves of 20 dishes each. 


Item No. Description
800101 Petri Dishes, 50mm, Sterile with Pad, 100pk
EE0193220 Petri Dishes, 60mm x 15mm, Sterile, 500/case
EE1400522 Presterilized absorbent pads, indv. package, 100/box
M800100 Petri Dishes, 50mm, Sterile, 100pk
M800500 Petri Dishes, 50mm, Sterile, 500pk
M800501 Petri Dishes, 50mm, Sterile with Pad, 500pk
MPM501 Petri Dishes, 15x100mm, Strl, 500/cs


Do these plates have any marking to distinguish top from bottom? (example: Pall plates have the

There is a frosted marking patch on the top of the plate that will help in distinguishing top from bottom.

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