Does this work with filter flask part number H389410000

Yes they are compatible. It is a number 8 stopper on the filter funnel.

What is the list price for this item?

Please use your customer account to log in to the web site or call our customer support group at 800.343.5319 to obtain pricing.

What is the pore size of the glass frit?

It has a nominal pore size of 30-50 microns.

Does the base of this filter funnel/base attach to a vacuum flask through a normal stopper? If not, how does it attach?

The filter funnel comes with a number 8B single hole stopper. This size fits standard 1 L vacuum filter flasks.

Can you get the 100ml Steril Funnels? Also could I get one sample?

We do not offer this particular style in a 100 mL option. We do have the BioSart monitors that are 100 mL capacity. See item M16401-47-06-ACK. You will need to contact your sales representative to request a sample.

What type of manifold/filter support do these fit?

These funnels are designed to fit on the Sartorius manifolds.

What connector is needed to attach to a 1L glass filter funnel?

This item will not connect well to a 1L glass funnel. The connector between the funnel and the base is a screw thread. Unless the glass funnel has a matching screw thread it will not fit. A better option would be to use item D0047G. This uses a clamp to hold the funnel to the base. You would just need to match the base size for a good fit.

Can I autoclave the glass filter base with the rubber stopper attached without destroying the stopper?

The stopper is made out of silicone rubber and is autoclave safe.

Are these funnels/bases magnetic? or is a clamp needed?

These funnels have a screw on attachment.

when using this funnel/base, is part of the outer perimeter of the filter covered by the funnel? or Is the entire surface area of the filter usable?

Part of the filter is sandwiched between the funnel and base. This ensures that the edges of the filter are sealed and none of the liquid to be filtered escapes around the filter.

do you have these in 100ml volumes?

No, they are only available in 300 mL sizes.

May I use agar to pour over the membrane and is there a lid to the peri dish? Is the cost $141 for 48?

An instruction sheet link has been added to this web page showing exactly how the media addition is handled using this product. After filtration of the sample an aliquot of media is added to the filter and pulled through to the supporting pad underneath. This provides the growth media for the bacteria. Yes--a lid to the petri dish is provided (it is the same lid used on the funnel). Current pricing is on the website.

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