Microbiological Filtration Monitors

Microbiological Filtration Monitors

Ideal for Coliform and/or e-coli testing with membrane filtration. These sterile disposable 47mm funnels with cellulose pad are ready to use. After filtration, just remove the 100ml funnel to convert the monitor into a petri dish. 


Item No. Description
M16401-47-06-ACK Biosart 100 Mtr .45µm, indv. strle, 48pk
M16401-47-06-V-K Biosart 100 Mtr .45µm blk strle wht/bk 48pk
M16401-47-07-ACK Biosart 100 Mtr, .2µm, indv. strle, 48pk
M16401-47-H6-V-K Biosart 100 Mtr .45µm hgh flo blk strle 48pk
MB-0027 Micro. Filtration Monitor .45µm, indv. strle, 50pk


How to get Certificate of Sterility?

Each lot is tested by Sartorius Stedim Biotech for accordance with established specifications before release, and each box includes a lot certificate.

Do the lids secure into place and can the monitors be attached bottom-to-top to one another? By that I mean when stacking, will they snap into eachother to create a pillar?

These items will not attach top to bottom in a stack.

per EPA method 1604, loose fitting petri dishes require 90% humidity incubator section 6.1. Are the petri dishes of the Boisart Monitors classed as loose or snug firrring?

The Biosart dishes are a tight fitting dish. These types of dishes are allowed per section 6.21 and do not require the chamber be humid per section 11.10.

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