Bulk Dilution Reagents

Bulk Dilution Reagents

Certified Buffers and Sterile Water Save time and meet Standard Methods requirements with ready-to-use buffers. Our buffers are sterile packaged in four liter and ten liter sizes in convenient PVC bags. Bags can be hung for ease of use and are complete with dispensing tips. No need to tie up your autoclave heating and cooling water - buffers and water are ready when you need them. Buffers are stable for six months and do not require refrigeration. Standard Methods requires that reagent water used for microbiological testing be analyzed on a monthly basis for TOC, residual chlorine, ammonia nitrogen and bacteriological background. In addition heavy metal background must be tested once per year. A certificate of analysis is provided with all our buffers showing compliance and actual results of this requirement. 


Item No. Description
MEB10LBPW Buffered Peptone, 10 Liters
MEB10LPWW Phos Buffer WW, 10 Liters
MEB10LSW Sterile Water, 10 Liters
MEB4LPWW Phos Buffer WW, 4 Liters
MEB4LSW Sterile Water, 4 Liters


Is this one, 4 liter container?

Yes, this is one single container.

How do we get the Certificate that gives the results of testing required for sterile water? We only received a packing slip.

Our Certificates of Analysis are available on our website under the Technical tab.

Define bulk dilution

This product can be used to dilute multiple samples instead of one individual sample.

Can you explain the difference between the Phos. Buffer WW MEB10LPWW and Butterfield\'s buffer MEB10BB to me?

The MEB10LPWW is used specifically for wastewater analysis. It contains magnesium chloride, monopotassium phosphate, and DI water. The MEB10LBB is used to perform serial dilutions in microbiology tests. It contains monopotassium phosphate and DI water.

I normally have to check sterility on buffered dilution water. Does a 100mL container of the same lot available for a sterility check with TSB?

We do not have a 100 mL container with the same lot as the 4L bag. We do carry prefilled dilution vials in 90 and 99 mL volumes (MEB090P and MEB099P, respectively).

Is this soulution sterile or do I need to do that?

This solution does ship sterile.

What sort of IV stand could you recommend for this product? Since the bag is 10L will a standard stand work as far as the spacing st at the end of the bag goes?

This bag is too large and too heavy to fit on any typical IV bag stand. Most of our customers who are using this size bag have either inserted some hooks onto their wall or constructed a stand to hold the bag above the intended level of use.

I need the phosphate buffer with MgCl2, for Fecal coliform testing what is the part number?

There are a few different sizes to fit your needs for this type of testing. This part number, MEB4LPWW, as well as MEB10LPWW are both bulk quantities (4 and 10 L) of the phosphate buffer with magnesium chloride dilution water. In addition, there are 90 mL, MEB090P, and 99 mL, MEP099P, prefilled vials available for making dilutions.

Is this Phosphate buffer comes with MgCl2 ?

Yes. This buffered water does contain magnesium chloride.

Is this the same as butterfields phosphate buffer?

Yes, this is the same product.

Does the tubing and clamps come with the 4L bag?

No, the tubing and clamps do not come with this product. Those are in the picture for illustrative purposes only as we do not carry those types of items.

Is this $10 for one bottle of sterile water?

The price listed on the website is per 100 mL container of water.

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