Colony Counters

Colony Counters

Manual or Automated Colony Counters Save Time and Improve Accuracy in Your Lab.

The Flash & Grow is a totally automated system, ideal for laboratories engaged in drug development and production, food and milk testing, environmental monitoring and public health, with a variety of budget possibilities. The Flash & Grow lets the analyst create different configurations optimized for each application. Example include TVC, Coli forms, Ames, etc. Online product demonstrations are available upon request.

When total automation is not a priority, manual counters are an economical choice. Both models of our manual counters come standard with a Biconvex, 120mm diameter magnifying lens. The magnifying lens with the NT1604 is illuminated for reading more opaque media. 


Item No. Description
EE1421204 Stuart Digital Colony Counter; 90 to 230 VAC, 50/60 Hz
EE1421206 Stuart Digital Colony Counter, IQ/OQ Docs., 90-230V
EE1421260 Cole-Parmer Digital Colony Counter Magnifier, 1.7x, EA
EE1421261 Cole-Parmer Digital Colony Counter Magnifier, 3.0x, EA
EE1431200 Cole-Parmer Digital Colony Counter, 90-240VAC,50/60 HZ
NT1604 Manual Colony Counter- One Input w Lens Light 120V
NT6011 Advanced software add on upgrade for Flash n Grow
NT606 60 mm Centering Device for Flash and Grow Counter
NT901 Haloes Caliper 110/120V- Manual Colony Counter


Do you have this model for 220 V, do you have 9 unds in stok? please, answer as soon as possible

We do not have a 220V version of this item. We are not the manufacturer, just a distributor.

what size plates can you put in this?

The Manual Colony Counter comes with a standard 90-100mm stage. There are adapters available if you need to go lower (60, 70, or 80mm) or higher (120 or 150mm).

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