Color-Coded Surrogates

Color Coded Surrogates for Semi-volatile Extractions

Color coded surrogates for semi-volatile extractions such as EPA Methods 625 and 8270 can save costly mistakes in your laboratory. These surrogates will color base-neutral solutions yellow and acid solutions red. Now you can know positively whether or not the sample has been pH adjusted for base-neutrals or acid extractions. Color coded surrogates also work with solid samples by tinting the sodium sulfate used in the extraction. The color indicator is non-extractable and will not affect results. Color coded surrogates are methanol based and supplied in 25mL volumes in screw top vials. Surrogates are always supplied with Certificate of Analysis and SDS. Store in refrigerator.

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Item No. Description
M0011 Surrogates - Tinted BNA 100µg/mL, 25mL
M0012 Surrogates - Tinted CLP BN 100µg/mL, A 150µg/mL
M0013 Surrogates - Tinted BN 100µg/mL, A 100µg/mL with CLP,
M0014 Surrogates - Tinted BN 100µg/mL, A 150µg/mL, 25mL
M0015 Surrogates - Tinted BN 100µg/mL A 200µg/mL, 25mL w/o C
M0016 Surrogates - Tinted BN 100µg/mL, A 200µg/mL with CLP,
M0017 Surrogates - Tinted BN 50µg/mL, A 50µg/mL, 25mL
M0018 Surrogates - Tinted BN 50µg/mL, A 50µg/mL with CLP, 25
M0019 Surrogates - Tinted CLP BN 50µg/mL, A 75µg/mL, 25mL
M0020 Surrogates - Tinted CLP BNA 100:150µg/mL w/o p-ten-d14
M0021 Surrogates - BN 60µg/mL, A 60µg/mL, 25mL
M0023 Surrogates - Tinted BN 50µg/mL, A 100µg/mL, 25mL
M0024 Surrogates - BN 50µg/mL, A 100µg/mL, for CLP, 25mL
M0030 Surrogates - Nonatriacontane/O-Terphenyl 80µg/mL, 25mL
M5014SPEC Surrogates - Untinted, BN 100ug/mL, A 150ug/mL *HAZ
MA001 Surrogates - Tinted Acid 100µg/mL, 25mL
MA005 Surrogates - Tinted Acid 200µg/mL, 25mL
MB003 Surrogates - Tinted Base-Neutral 50µg/mL, 25mL
MB004 Surrogates - Tinted Base-Neutral 100µg/mL, 25mL


Does this surrogate mix come in lesser a lesser quantity than 500 mLs?

This product ships as (5) 100 mL bottles. That is the only quantity option we have.

What indicator is used in your tinted bna surrogate?

The indicator is Methyl Red.

what is the experation date for these?

These surrogates have a 2.5 year expiration period.

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