GC Capillary Columns

SGE Is Recognized As A Leader in the Development Of Capillary Columns for Gas Chromatography.

Driven by a spirit of innovation, an extensive team of polymer chemists, glass technicians and chromatography specialists are continually working on new technologies designed to optimize the performance of SGE columns. SGE was the first to develop and offer several classes of new stationary phases including the sol-gel range of columns.

To ensure that your analysis is carried out perfectly, assistance is available for choosing the correct column as well as for optimizing the performance of your column.

Choosing the appropriate capillary column is essential to your success. Here's what we need to know:

  • Stationary Phase - Select the least polar phase that will perform the separation you require.
  • Internal Diameter - The smaller the diameter the greater the efficiency, hence better resolution.
  • Column Length - Always try to select the shortest column length that will provide the required resolution for the application.
  • Film Thickness - For samples with a variation in solute concentration, a thicker film column is recommended.

We offer a wide selection of columns for a variety of applications. All columns come in a variety of column lengths, ID (mm) and film sizes (µm). Specify phase, column length, ID.

Item No. Description
GC054062CCS SGE - 30M X 0.32MM ID - BP1, 0.25µM - 5CAGE
GC054099 SGE - 10M X 0.1MM ID - BPX5, 0.1µM
GC054101 SGE - 30M X 0.25MM ID - BPX5, 0.25µM
GC054112 SGE - 12M X 0.22MM ID - BPX5, 0.25µM
GC054154 SGE - 60M X 0.32MM ID - BPX5, 1.0µM
GC054160 SGE - 30M X 0.53MM ID - BPX5, 3.0µM
GC054167 SGE - 12M X 0.22MM ID - BP5 0.25UM
GC054186 SGE - 25M X 0.32MM ID - BP5, 0.5µM
GC054203 SGE - 30M X 0.25MM ID - BP5, 1.0µM
GC054283 SGE - 30M X 0.53MM ID - BP10, 1.0µM
GC0544515 SGE - 60M X 0.53MM ID - BP20, 1.0µM
GC054631 SGE - 12M X 0.22MM ID - HT5, 0.1µM
GC054634 SGE - 30M X 0.25MM ID - HT5, 0.1µM
GC054658 SGE - 25M X 0.53MM ID - HT5, 0.15µM
GC054667 SGE - 15M X 0.32MM ID - HT5 0.5UM
GC054701 SGE - 30M X 0.25MM ID - BPX35, 0.25µM
GC054832 SGE - 30M X 0.32MM ID - BP624, 1.8µM
GC054838 SGE - 60M X 0.53MM ID - BP624, 3.0µM
GC054839 SGE - 15M X 0.25MMID - BP624, 1.4µM
GC054980 SGE - 30M X 0.25MM ID - BPX-VOLATILES, 1.4µM