Organic Standards

Organic Standards Product Lines:

Custom and Multi - compound or Single - compound Organic Standards for GC /MS.

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In an effort to meet the needs of your organic laboratory we offer a complete selection of single or multi-compound organic standards as well as complicated custom mixes required for GC/MS. Solutions typically ship within three working days. Mixes can be provided in any volume from 1mL to larger bulk volumes. Quotations for special mixes can typically be supplied within 24 hours.

Custom Solutions are Mixed to Exact Specifications.

A Certificate of Analysis is provided with each standard and shows:

  • Catalog Number
  • Lot Number and Expiration Date
  • Storage Requirements
  • Solvent
  • Compounds identified by name as well as universal CAS #

Percent purity, lot # of individual compounds, gravimetric concentration in mg/L and analyte concentration (gravimetric concentration corrected for purity) are also provided. Quality Ingredients and Stringent QC Requirements Provide the Highest Quality Standards.

Each standard is measured gravimetrically and verified using GC, GC/MS, LC and/or Wet Chemistry where applicable. All solutions are guaranteed to be within ±5% of the stated value. All concentrations are corrected for purity. Quality systems audited and registered to ISO 9001:2000. Our chemists have over 35 combined years of experience in industrial research and development, environmental analysis, and method development.
Convenient Split / Volume Packaging Extends the Shelf Life of Your Standards. Many 1mL volume standards can be supplied in two easy-to-use ampules, each containing 0.6mL of solution. Dividing your standard into two ampules may extend the shelf life of your standard by allowing you to use only the amount of standard you need, when you need it.

Regardless of volume, each ampule is labeled with the description, catalog number, solvent, lot number and expiration date, solvent and a space for you to record the date you open your ampule as well as storage specifications. A duplicate self-adhesive label is also attached to affix to your storage container should you store any unused solution.

To order a custom mix, email us at info@envexp.com. We will create an Environmental Express part number for your special mix. Simply re-order by part number the next time you need your standard.