Soxhlet Extraction

Soxhlet Extraction

Soxhlet extraction thimbles from Environmental Express are seamless, high purity filters made of cellulose, borosilicate glass, or quartz fibers. Cellulose thimbles are suitable for most applications where soils or other solids are solvent extracted. Borosilicate glass thimbles may be helpful for high temperature applications or where extremely low background levels are required. Quartz fiber thimbles withstand temperatures to 1000°C and are ideal for analysis of hot and acidic gases and trace metals

Item No. Description
N08422X65MM Thimbles - Cellulose, 22x65mm, 25pk
N08422X80MM Thimbles - Cellulose, 22x80mm, 25pk
N08425X100MM Thimbles - Cellulose, 25x100mm, 25pk
N08425X21X90MM Thimbles - Cellulose, 21X90mm, 25pk
N08425X60MM Thimbles - Cellulose, 25x60mm, 25pk
N08425X90MM Thimbles - Cellulose, 25x90mm, 25pk
N08430X100MM Thimbles - Cellulose, 30x100mm, 25pk
N08430X80MM Thimbles - Cellulose, 30x80mm, 25pk
N08433X100MM Thimbles - Cellulose, 33x100mm, 25pk
N08433X80MM Thimbles - Cellulose, 33x80mm, 25pk
N08433X94MM Thimbles - Cellulose, 33x94mm, 25pk
N08443X123MM Thimbles - Cellulose, 43x123mm, 25pk
N086R30X100MM Thimbles - Glass, 30x100mm, 25pk
N086R30X80MM Thimbles - Glass, 30x80mm, 25pk
N086R43X123MM Thimbles - Glass, 43x123mm, 25pk


Are the 33 x 80 mm and 25 x 60 mm extraction thimbles single or double thickness?

These thimbles have a wall thickness of 1.5 mm.

what is the thickness of these?

These thimbles have a wall thickness of 1.5 mm.

What is the wall thickness of these thimbles?

The wall thickness is between 1.2 and 1.4 mm.

Does this product have a certificate of analysis ??

The thimbles do not come with any type of certificate of analysis. If you are interested in something specific about them please contact us at info@envexp.com and we will see what we can do.

certificate of analysis of soxhlet thimbles

Whoever made this particular request, please email davids@envexp.com. You will need to provide a specific lot number for the soxhlet thimble as well as some sort of contact information so the requested C of A can be sent to you.

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