TCLP Supplies

TCLP Supplies

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TCLP (Toxicity Characteristic Leaching Procedure) was first promulgated in 1990. The purpose of the method is to predict the impact of a landfilled waste on the underlying groundwater. Since the method's inception Environmental Express has offered a complete line of supplies to properly conduct the analysis.

The LE Environmental Rotator for TCLP extractions is a robust design that can handle up to twelve ZHE's or extraction bottles. Our TCLP filters meet the EPA method completely by being pre-acid washed to meet method requirements. Each lot is certified as being properly prepared and this certification, complete with reported levels of background metals, is provided in every box.  LE1002 - TCLP RotatorZHE1000PF000-2 - Maxfil Filtration SystemAcid-Washed TCLP FiltersStandard TCLP FiltersLearn More about Try Something New

For organic extractions, our ZHE+ is the only product that allows the use of the maximum sample size prescribed by the method. Our newly re-designed MaxFil pressure filtration device is now light weight aluminum which has been PTFE coated. In addition, look at the listings above to find the small supplies that you need to complete your TCLP extractions. Bottles, filters, syringes, pumps, Tedlar® bags, and fittings are available from Environmental Express.

For a copy of the EPA Method 1311 CLICK HERE

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