Versatile and Built to Last

Environmental Express offers 12 place TCLP Rotators. Available in 120V and 240V. The large 6.25"x6.25"x12.75" stainless steel compartments accommodate most zero headspace extractors and many styles of glass and plastic bottles. The box style design offers a greater degree of safety than other styles of rotators.

Our rotators are built to last. Constructed with 14 gauge stainless steel that is welded and reinforced at all joints. The drive shaft is a full 1" in diameter to prevent any breakage, even with off-center loads.

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Item No. Description
LE1002 12 Place LE Rotator for TCLP, 120V
LE1002-240 12 Place LE Rotator for TCLP, 240V


What is the amperage draw of the 12 place rotary extractor for both 120V & 240V.

For the 120 it pulls 1.7 amps and for 240 it pulls 0.7 amps.

Hi, I am interested in this type of TCLP rotator LE1002 - 12 Place LE Rotator for TCLP, 120V, but ideally smaller size that can hold 4 containers and with adjustable rotation speed. Can I get a quote

We only have this one size rotator and the rotation speed is not adjustable. If you still would like a quote please contact sales@envexp.com.

We need to know if equipment LE-1002 240V could work with 50 Hz instead of 60 Hz

Yes it will. The 60 Hz is old information and needs to be updated to say 50 Hz.

Will the Millipore ZHE Model YT30090HW fit in the rotator?

Yes it will.

I am interested in possibly picking up twp of these. Will they fit a 127mm wide plastic bottle X 12? Also, curious is we get any discount off of the list price, we are an existing customer (STAT Lab)

Each chamber is 6.25\" (158.7mm) square and 12.75\" (323.8 mm) high. All pricing requests are handled through your sales representative.

Do you sell the motors for LE1002 model (120V, 1.7 Amp) as mine seems to have ceased.

We do have replacement motors for the rotators. It is part number LE10013.

We have an older version of this LE1002 (from 2006? It uses a belt rather than a drive chain). Just wanted to check if there\'s a set maximum load capacity of weight, so that we do not overload it.

We don’t have a specific weight limit for the rotator. They are designed to be able to handle the weight of a full load of bottles filled with 3 L extraction fluid and sample plus the actual weight of the rotator box itself. As long as you do not exceed the requirements set forth in the TCLP procedure you will be within the tolerance of the rotator.

Our belt has a number 330H C24114 which belt should we be ordering

The belt part number is LE10015. There should be a 100 or 150 in conjunction with the 33OH portion of that number. This designates a 1.0\" or 1.5\" width of the belt. Please have that available when you place the order so that the correct size belt can be delivered to you.

What is the part number for a replacement LE Rotator drive belt?

The replacement belt is part number LE10015. One of the following numbers, 330H100, 360H100, 330H150, or 360H150 should be printed on the belt you currently have. Please have this number available when calling to order a replacement.

Item No. LE1003 Do you sell plastic containers shown in picture?

This is item BX3000-4. Search for that item number on our website and you will be able to see the info for it.

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