Extraction Fluids

Extraction Fluids

TCLP Extraction Fluid Concentrates

Unit packaged TCLP extraction fluid concentrates deliver the exact amount of reagents and proper pH for a two liter extraction. These concentrates are supplied in screw top Nalgene bottles that are added to the appropriate volume of laboratory water and are available for both extraction fluid #1 and extraction fluid #2.

In addition to unit packaged reagents, we offer extraction fluid #1 in bulk concentrate form. Supplied in five, 200mL bottles this concentrate is diluted with laboratory grade water to 50 liters. Individual bottles may be diluted to 10 liters if a smaller quantity is needed. Both styles of fluid are supplied with SDS and certificates of analysis.

Item No. Description
E1002 Fluid #1 for 2L Extraction (pH 4.93+/-0.05), 24pk
E1002B Sodium Hydroxide Conc. for 2L Extraction, 24pk
E2002 Fluid #2 for 2L Extraction (pH 2.88+/- 0.05), 24pk
HP-P100 TCLP Ext Fluid#1 Con, 5 x 200mL


How much fluid are in ml are in the containers?

Each vial contains 15 mL.

what is the concentration on these?

The concentration of Acetic acid is 285,000 ppm and NaOH is 130,000 ppm.

certificate of analysis tclp fluid online

We do not currently have these available online. Feel free to email the catalog # and lot # to info@envexp.com or call us at 800-343-5319 and we will be able to assist you.

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