TCLP Syringes for Volatile Sample Collection

When a volatile sample is collected for TCLP analysis, a major concern is to minimize the loss of volatile constituents. Our TCLP gas tight syringes use a unique locking valve that allows sample extract to be drawn directly out of the zero headspace device and stored in zero headspace condition until injected into a GC/GCMS or a purge and trap. These reusable TCLP syringes have wetted surfaces of borosilicate glass, PTFE and/or 316SS. Available in 5mL, 10mL, 25mL, 50mL, and 100mL sizes. 


Item No. Description
S1005 TCLP Syringe - 5mL with Luer, each
S1010 TCLP Syringe - 10mL with Luer, each
S1025 TCLP Syringe - 25mL with Luer, each
S1050 TCLP Syringe - 50mL with Luer, each
S1100 TCLP Syringe - 100mL with Luer, each


Is it possible to order 50mL TCLP syringe without luer?

We do not currently offer a version of this syringe without a luer fitting on it.

What is the part number of the 100ml TCLP Syringe with 316SS wetted surface? Do you have it in 600ml?

The part # for the 100mL TCLP syring is S1100 and this is the largest size syringe we offer.

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