Environmental Express has a comprehensive line of detergents for critical cleaning processes.

Depending on the product our detergents are free-rinsing, aqueous and highly concentrated. They meet USDA guidelines for for incidental contact with food processing systems and contain no CFCs, phosphates, silicates, halogens, or phenols. Others are biodegradable and free of interfering residues, optimizing performance and environmental safety. They are excellent for use in ultrasonic cleaners, automatic washers, or power spray systems. Their strong concentrations are perfect for cleaning blood and biological materials, grease, oils, rust and mineral deposits from glass, metal and plastic lab ware, and equipment.

We also offer strong disinfectants that decontaminate surfaces effectively and easily, which is ideal for the laboratory, controlled environments and process equipment. These ready-to-use disinfectants are affective against TB, HBV, a wide range of viruses, bacteria, pathogenetic fungi, mold, mildew, and many others.

We also offer sterile solutions for use in critical environments. If you have questions about the types of detergents available why not speak with one of our Technical Experts?

Item No. Description
EE1777500 Alconox 1104 Cleaner, 4 lb/Box; 9 Boxes/Case
EE1777505 Alconox 1104-1 Cleaner, 4 lb Box
EE1777540 Liqui-Nox 1201 Detergent, 1 gal/bottle; 4 Bottles/Cs
EE1777550 Alconox 1125 Cleaner, 25 lb box
EE1777560 Alconox 1150 Cleaner, 25 lb box
EE1777600 Alcojet cleaner, 4 lb box, case of 9 boxes
EE1777605 Alconox Alcojet Powdered Cleaner; 4 lb Box
EE1777650 Alconox Alcojet Powdered Cleaner; 25 lb Box
EE1777800 Alconox Liqui-Nox Cleaner, 1qt/Bottle; 12 Bottles/Cs
EE1777805 Liqui-Nox 1232-1 Cleaner, 1 quart Bottle
EE1777840 Liqui-Nox Cleaning Detergent, one gallon bottle
EE1810004 Micro-90 Cleaning Solution; 1L/ Bottle, 12 Bottle/Cs
EE1810005 Cole-Parmer Micro-90 cleaning solution, 1 L
EE1810011 Micro-90 Cleaning Solution, 4L/Bottle; 4 Bottles/Cs
EE1810020 Cole-Parmer Micro-90 cleaning solution, 5 gal
EE1810030 Cole-Parmer Micro-90 cleaning solution, 55 gallon
EE1810120 Zymit Enzyme Cleaner, 1L/Bottle; 12 Bottle/Cs
EE1810130 Cole-Parmer Zymit enzyme cleaner, 1 liter bottle
EE1810200 Cole-Parmer LF2100 Low-Foam Liquid Detergent; 1 L
EE1810210 LF2100 liquid low-foam cleaner, 1 L, c/s 12


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