Where can I find the certificate for my filters FG77142MM, Lot 400153-9016?

Our COA\'s are located at http://www.envexp.com/coa. Select TCLP->TCLP Filters and then find your lot number. This one is near the bottom of the list. Our lot number convention lists the material lot number first (400153) with the Julian manufacturing date (9016) second. We only issue a COA for the overall material.

I was wondering if the Standard TCLP filters come with a certificate of analysis. I have a box - lot number 101352-3183. If it had a C of A I lost it. This website doesn\'t list C of A\'s for TCLP.

The standard TCLP filters do not come with a certificate of analysis. Only the acid washed filters come with a COA.

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