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The GhostWipe  is a sturdy wiping material that holds together even on the roughest wiping surfaces. This revolutionary product eases sample preparation and analysis of surface lead or beryllium dust as well as Methamphetamine. At the lab the GhostWipe readily and completely dissolves during the digestion process, providing more complete dispersion of analytes and more uniform recoveries. In addition, there is no messy fibrous material in the sample to clog the sample uptake capillary or nebulizer. GhostWipes meet all ASTM Designation E1792 and D7707 specifications for sampling materials for lead and beryllium in surface dust and NIOSH method 9111 for Methamphetamine testing. 


On the Ghost wipes: 1st line 301D 2nd line 090616 EX0320 Is the first line run#? 2nd line -- manufactuer date and then expiration date?

That is correct.

Hello, I am curious about the expiration date of these Ghost Wipes. If I have a box of them whose expiration date is more than 2 years ago, can I still use these wipes for accurate sampling of dust?

When using products for compliance with regulated methods all expiration dates must be observed to ensure valid results. The GhostWipe is moistened with reagent water to aid in picking up dust particles from the surface(s) of interest. The expiration date given is the length of time we know that the packaging will retain the required amount of moisture and the wipe will retain its needed durability to withstand the wiping process.

what can you use to digest the ghost wipes?

The GhostWipes can be digested via any means that are normally used for metals digestions. We recommend using a HotBlock (item SC100 is the basic model) and disposable digestion vessel (SC475 fits the HotBlock). The exact mix of acids, heat, and time is dependent on the method you need to follow.

Can you use expired GhostWipes for sampling?

We do not recommend that any expired product be used in a testing procedure for reportable data. Use of an expired product could potentially invalidate the data generated.

What Niosh method would a lab use to analyse the sample of lead of a ghost wipe?

Always consult the appropriate regulating agency for approved analytical methods. Currently, Housing and Urban Development has approved test methods listed in appendix 14.1 which can be found here http://www.hud.gov/offices/lead/lbp/hudguidelines/Appendix.pdf The HotBlock manual has an adaptation of NIOSH 7082 for use in digesting GhostWipes.

If the ghostwipe expiration date has past but the wipes are still moist, can they safely used?

There are no safety issues to be concerned with the expiration date being past. However, from a regulatory point of view, if anyone were to use the data they would be able to challenge its validity based on that expiration date. There are no studies guaranteeing the stability of the product past the listed expiration date.

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