FAQs- Frequently Asked Questions

Click below for answers to common questions about our products.  If you need additional information, please do not hesitate to call us at 1-800-343-5319.

AutoBlock Plus for automated metals digestions 

Disposable BOD Bottles provide huge labor savings and improved quality

COD Vials for Chemical Oxygen Demand analysis

Color Coded Surrogates for semi-volatile extractions

Ghost Wipes for Lead and Beryllium testing 

Industrial Hygiene - Asbestos Cassettes, OVM and Lead Testing

Microbiology - plates, broth, mTEC and filters 

NECi Nitrate Testing eliminates hazardous waste from traditional nitrate analysis 

Oil and Grease analysis based on EPA Method 1664

Prepared plates for microbiology testing 

ProWeigh Filters for TSS/VSS testing 

SimpleDist System for Macrodistillation of Ammonia and Cyanide

Soil Cell - Soil Extraction by EPA Method 3546

StableWeigh vessels for TDS testing

Ultimate Cup for metals digestions

Web Walk Through-How to Access Invoices, Place Orders, Track Shipments, Etc.