New Products

NEW! HotBlock® 150

HotBlock 150

For over 25 years, the Environmental Express HotBlock® 150 has been the answer for laboratories seeking faster, cleaner, more cost-effective methods of performing metals digestions. Our HotBlocks are made of metals-free components so you don't have to worry about contaminating your sample. We are continually expanding our line of metals digestion products in an effort to meet the growing needs of the environmental laboratory community.

Our new clean look has an added QR code that allows you to quickly scan and easily navigate to a unique product page with consumables, accessories, important documents, videos and webinars, and more.

Visit our HotBlock 150 page to find your perfect fit!

NEW! Color-Coded BOD Stoppers

New BOD Stoppers in Multiple Colors

These new BOD stoppers were specifically designed with automated capping and de-capping in mind to make your operations much easier. Easily identify what's in the BOD bottle based on the color of the stopper. The colored cap on the BOD stopper can be used to differentiate your samples as shown below or you can create your own plan:

Blue (D1025-BLUE) - samples and duplicates
Black (D1025-BLACK) - blanks
Green (D1025-GREEN) - quality control (GGA) samples
Red (D1025-RED) - seed control factor

These plastic stoppers work with all brands of glass and plastic, 60mL and 300mL BOD bottles. Speak to your sales representative about custom color options (minimum purchase quantities may apply).

*Patent Pending