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   BOD Bottles- disposable BOD Bottles make for better and easier analysis

   COD MicroVials provide accurate results at a savings

   Filters for total suspended solids, volatile suspended solids and total dissolved solids

   Filters for oil & Grease Analysis

   Ion Chromatography Vials, Buffers and Standards

   NECi Nitrate Testing Kits deliver safer, cleaner, and more consistent nitrate results

   Oakton Portable Meters and Kits in a variety

   ProWeigh Filters for TSS and VSS.  Washed, dried dessicated and weighed

   SimpleDist Distillation Systems make Ammonia and Cyanide Distillations safe and easy

   Smart Bottle Rack for SPE Express monitors reagents and wastes in containers

   SPE-Express for Automated Oil and Grease extractions for EPA Method 1664

   StepSaver for Oil and Grease extractions for EPA Method 1664

   Syringe Filters- improve flow rate.

   TKN Digestions perform automatically with our new TKN HotBlock digestion system

   UltraPrep Premium Filters eliminate the need for Conditioning with a Polar Solvent



   AutoBlock Plus is the latest generation of AutoBlocks and smartest one yet

   FilterMate for disposable filtration without washing

   FlipMate for disposable filtration without washing

   The HotBlock is the originator of disposable metals digestions

   The HotBlock Pro easily network two HotBlocks with touch-screen

   HotBlock Comparison - Digestion Systems at a glance

   StirBase turns your HotBlock into a stirring HotBlock

   ICP Standards for your instrument calibrations

   Metals Digestion Cups for your sample prep needs



   Microbiology Prepared Plates for E. Coli, Fecal Coliform, Enterococci and Quantitative Standards

   Microbiology Biosart Monitors, Filter Holders, Manifolds, Coliform Vials, Petri Dishes and Gridded Membrane Filters



   Air Monitoring Cassettes for NIOSH and OSHA compliance

   GhostWipes for Lead and Beryllium Surface Dust Sampling


   Pipetting and Dispensing for performance handling of liquids



   Safety Supplies for the lab are now available


Organic Chemistry-

   Soil Extraction Soil-Cell™ Systems offer an alternate method

   Soil Extraction EZ-Cell™ for Dionex® ASE® 200 makes Accelerated Solvent Extraction easier

   Field Preservation Kits extend hold times as much as 14 days

   Organic Standards Product Sheet