Wet Chemistry

Environmental Express provides unique, time-saving solutions for the inorganic laboratory. Wet Chemistry products take the most basic tests and make them easier and quicker, saving time and adding value to your lab. Our disposable BOD bottles improve both quality and efficiency; ProWeigh filters for TSS reduce bench time by half; StableWeigh TDS Vessels increase efficiency and improve data quality; UltraFlow filters for oil and grease have the fastest flow rates available and our cyanide distillation system not only saves labor but makes your lab a safer place. In addition, we offer name brand products like Oakton and Advantec and all the supplies you need to keep your inorganics lab running smoothly.


Environmental Express has revolutionized the way laboratories think of metals digestions.  With the Environmental Express HotBlock®, laboratories can now perform digestions of samples under uniform temperature conditions up to 96 samples at a time.  The HotBlock is made of a PTFE-coated graphite block within a Kydex housing with no exposed metallic parts reducing corrosion potential from the highly acidic environment.  The HotBlock® utilizes our disposable polypropylene digestion tubes for all EPA approved metals digestions, allowing laboratories to eliminate the washing of glassware.  Our FilterMate filtration system for 15 ml and 50 ml sample volumes is designed to work within the same disposable digestion tube, eliminating the need to transfer filtered sample to an additional container and reducing waste in the lab.  The introduction of our FlipMate 100 allows for the filtration of 100 ml sample volumes in our disposable polypropylene cups as well.


Environmental Express offers an expanding line of products to support Gas, Liquid and Ion Chromatography. Wide selection of vials, buffers and standards, cartridges, and syringe filters.


From sampling to analysis, Environmental Express has you covered in the Microbiology Laboratory. We are proud to offer many products that save you time and reduce waste in your laboratory while increasing accuracy and efficiency:


Environmental Express continues to grow our Organic Chemistry line, offering items for the Volatile Organic Chemistry (VOC) and Semi-Volatile Organic Chemistry  (SVOC) laboratories.

Standards, including our custom mix standard solutions and method-based standard solutions, continue to be our specialty.  Environmental Express also offers Color Coded Surrogates for semi-volatile extractions that can save costly mistakes in the laboratory.  Standards and Surrogates can be provided in any sized volume to meet your laboratory needs.  Call or e-mail our Sales or Customer Service departments with your needs and let us provide a quote to you.

Industrial Hygiene

We are proud to offer a wide variety of supplies for the Industrial Hygiene Lab.  The widely popular GhostWipe is proven to be effective for Lead, Beryllium, Methamphetamine testing along with many other elements.  Cassettes for air monitoring have been a core product for over 15 years at Environmental Express and are always in stock.  37mm filters for Trace Metals are available as a "standard".  Known amounts of various metals are certified for each filter material for QC testing.  Air sampling supplies and Gas Monitoring round out our line of supplies.


Environmental Express provides specific products for radioactive isotope separations, actinide precipitations and sample preparation for alpha particle analysis. We offer disposable ion exchange columns with detachable funnel for column separations in two different sizes. The funnel extends the capacity of the column to over 200mL. For the co-precipitation method of actinide collection, we supply inert high-retention polypropylene filters. For extra convenience we also offer these filters in disposable funnel housings to eliminate any chance of sample carryover.

Sample Collection

Environmental Express offers a complete assortment of sample collection products, from glass and plastic bottles and sample vials to pre-preserved collection vials.

Containers are processed to meet or exceed requirements of EPA "Specifications and Guidance for Contaminant-Free Sample Containers." Analysis is conducted by an independent laboratory, and a traceable, lot-number-specific Certificate of Analysis is provided with each case of containers. As additional quality control, each case is marked with the lot number and sealed with custody tape. This is referred to as Level 1 certification.


TCLP (toxicity characteristic leaching procedure) was first promulgated in 1990. The purpose of the method is to predict the impact of a landfilled waste on the underlying groundwater. Since the method's inception Environmental Express has offered a complete line of apparatus and supplies to properly conduct the analysis. The LE environmental rotator for TCLP extractions is a robust design that can handle up to twelve ZHE's or two-liter extraction bottles. Our TCLP filters meet the EPA method completely by being pre-acid washed to meet method requirements Each lot is certified as being properly prepared and this certification, complete with reported levels of background metals, is provided in every box. For organic extractions, our ZHE+ is the only product that allows the use of the maximum sample size prescribed by the method. Our newly re-designed MaxFil pressure filtration device is now light weight aluminum which has been PTFE coated. In addition, look at our website to find the small supplies that you need to complete your TCLP extractions. Bottles, pumps, Tedlar® bags, fittings and even a how-to DVD are available from Environmental Express.


Environmental Express provides unique, time-saving solutions for all of your filtration needs. We offer a variety of options for filtration including syringe filters, vacuum filtration devices, and our unique FilterMate System.

Filtration devices can be loaded with a variety of different filter materials and pore sizes for your specific application and needs. If you already have a filtration device we can supply you with filters cut to any size you need.

General Lab Supplies

In addition to our application specific products, we offer a broad selection of general use laboratory supplies. Please note our selection of laboratory filters, which are available in flat stock, or in one of several disposable housings. For your specific needs, Environmental Express can provide almost any filter type in 25mm funnels, 37mm funnels, 47mm funnels or 25mm syringe filters. We can provide them plain, pre-washed or weighed. With our CO2 laser cutting system, we can provide any size or special shape in just a day or two. If you don't immediately see what you need, just email or call us to discuss your specific needs.

We not only provide the high quality, self-manufactured products that we are known for, we are also dealers for many of the major brands of laboratory equipment and consumables. Kimble-Chase glassware, Thermo Scientific Orion and Oakton pH meters, Thermo Scientific Barnstead Water Purification products, Wheaton pipetters, OHAUS balances, Shel Lab ovens and incubators, Bel-Art Scienceware products and Kimberly-Clark, Kimwipes are just a few of the brands and products that we offer.

Fluid Handling

Environmental Express offers a diverse selection of Fluid Handling products to meet the needs of your laboratory.

Fluid Handling products are needed to transfer and dispense precise volumes of chemicals, liquids, pastes, or gels from one source to another.

Calibration Services

Environmental Express is pleased to offer InnoCal® calibration services to our customers! All measurements reported are traceable to SI units via national standards maintained by NIST and performed in compliance with ANSI Z540, ISO17025 and MIL-STD-45662A. InnoCal is accredited to ISO/IEC 17025 by the American Association for Laboratory Accreditation (A2LA) under certificate number 1746.01.