how can i use the pollyseed in the test BOD5

The BOD test requires an adequate microbial population in the sample in order for the oxygen depletion to occur. Oftentimes a generic microbe population is used when the quantity and quality of the bacterial population is not known. Additionally, the GGA standard does not naturally contain any microbes and needs to have a known amount added. The contents of one capsule are stirred into a volume of the BOD dilution water for one hour. After that, the insoluble bran is allowed to settle and the bacteria suspension is decanted off the top. A constant volume is added to the standards and samples. You should also set up sever bottles that contain just dilution water and seed in order to determine a seed correction so that you can factor out the oxygen depletion that is only contributed by the seed.

Do you sell a BOD buffer powder pillow that is ready to mix with the dilution water.

We offer a 4 bottle set that contains each of the required solutions to add to the source water to prepare BOD dilution water. The part number is D1500-100 for 100 mL bottles or D1500-1L for 1 liter bottle sizes. The instructions are to add 1 mL of each solution per liter of source water. If you were to use 6 liters of source water you would add 6 mL of each of the four solutions to the source water.

Once the polyseed is added to nutrient water how long does it last

The manufacturer recommends holding the seed suspension for a total of 6 hours from rehydration.

How much volume does each capsule make?

The instructions state to use 500 mL of dilution water to rehydrate each capsule. However, this volume can be adjusted according to individual laboratory procedures to compensate for the source water, desired strength of seed or other factors.

What is the shelf life of the Polyseed capsules?

The shelf life of our Polyseed capsules is 2 years from the date of manufacture.

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