I need the user manual for the C8000 block

You can find a list of our downloadable manuals at https://www.envexp.com/product-manuals

What specific EPA approvals do you have for technique. CWA, DW, RCRA?

There is a method in 40 CFR (10-204-00-1-X) that specifically approves this for cyanide. Ammonia and phenol will have to be addressed with your own accrediting agency.

After CN distillation, can you then analyze the ditillate on a discrete autoanalyzer? Are the ammonia and phenol distillations approved?

This distillation system yields 6 mL of distillate. It is ideally suited for discrete analysis. It is also applicable to flow injection or segmented flow analysis but is somewhat limited in the number of replicates possible with only 6 mL of liquid to work with. Using this system for ammonia or phenol is not expressly written into 40 CFR. You would need to consult with your auditing body to determine their requirements for using this technology for ammonia and/or phenol.

What is the outside dimension of the distillation tubes?

The tubes for this block are the same size as the tubes sold by Lachat for their MicroDist system.

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