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Hello, we want to know do you make acrylic stoppers of different kinds? We can send you a photo of example and can you tell us can we order and how much it wil be? We are a firm from Armenia.

This is the only acrylic stopper we offer. We do not have the capability of making other sizes or styles.

hello, What measurements does the neck have inside the bottle?

These BOD acrylic bottle stoppers fit all standard size glass BOD bottles as well as our disposable, BOD bottles.

What is the measurement of the stoppers in mm.

The diameter of the stopper is approximately 20.75 mm. The length of the joint is approximately 28.00 mm. This stopper is the same size as pretty much all BOD stoppers. It fits all glass and plastic BOD bottles.

are they dishwasher safe?

Yes they are dishwasher safe. These stoppers are made of acrylic which is safe to 90°C. However, they are not autoclave safe. Be sure to rinse them well to remove any possible residue that may be left from dishwasher.

what temperature are they good to?

These stoppers are made of acrylic which is safe to 90°C. They are not autoclave safe.

Are the D1025 BOD Stoppers considered disposable? What is the price?

The D1025 stoppers for the BOD bottles are intended to be used over and over again. Current pricing can be found by logging into the website or contacting your sales rep.

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