What would the storage and shelf life be for these solutions?

These solutions are stored at room temperature and have a shelf life of 12-24 months.

COA and SDS of Product No.: D1500-100

This item does not have a COA associated with it. The SDS has been sent to the email you provided.

What is the self life? Also the expiration once opened?

These solutions have a 12 month shelf life. When kept under the recommended storage conditions the expiration date does not change after opening.

Received 6.6 mL vials of BOD Simple Water Nutrient Buffer Solution to try; am I interpreting correctly that vial is added to 6 L of source water?

That is correct. You should add the contents of the vial to 6 L of source water. This will result in 6 L of BOD dilution water matching what is required in SM5210B.

Is the concentration the same as stated in the standard method? If so, Should I use only 1 mL per L?

The product, D4019L, is a concentrated solution. The entire contents of the vial should be emptied into your container and brought up to the appropriate volume (in this case, 19 L). Once the solution is at volume, it is equivalent to 1 mL per L.

How long do the BOD SimpleWater Nutrient Buffer Solution Vials last upon receiving them?

This product has an 18-month shelf life. You will receive a certificate of analysis with the product with a specific expiration date.

After adding BOD SimpleWaterâ„¢ Nutrient Buffer Dilution Vial to dilution water, how long should you allow the nutrient buffer dilution water

Standard Methods does not provide any guidance on this topic. We recommend that whatever procedure works best for you and provides you with the best results, to go with that.

How long are these solutions good for?

These have a shelf life of 1 year and require refrigeration.

What is the best way to store the BOD SimpleWater Nutrient Vials - room temperature? or in the BOD chamber (20+/-1 C)?

They are best stored at ambient (room) temperature

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