How long is the expiration date for BOD: Glucose-Glutamic Acid - Amber Glass Bottle, 500mL.

If unopened, this item has a shelf life of 24 months.

What is the concentration of cBOD?

The cBOD value is the same as the BOD value for GGA. It should be in the range specified by the method, 198 ± 30.5 mg/L.

What is the shelf life of catalog: LC148451 (GGA 500ml)

The shelf life of unopened product is 2 years. It is good for 30 days once it is opened.

What is the expiration date on the LC148451 glucose glutamic acid. Thanks,

The shelf life of an unopened vial is 2 Years. The shelf life of an opened vial is 30 days.

What is the concentration of the GGA, how much is it, who is the mfg\'r?

The true value for the GGA standard is 198 mg/L (+/- 30.5 mg/L) BOD and is manufactured by LabChem. Part # D1243 is an equivalent EE product that are individual vials and do not need to be pipetted out of the larger bottle. Please contact sales@envexp.com for current pricing.

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