We have been using QCI-084 for quite a while. Our CBOD results tend to run on the high side, sometimes out. Any thoughts? Lot#121013 and 021214 are the latest used. Thanks.

Per Standard Methods the BOD and CBOD results for your GGA standard should be the same and actually have the same acceptance limits. It has always been my experience that the nitrification inhibitor does have an affect on final CBOD values despite this though those values for the GGA have always been typically lower than BOD values. I would run the GGA standard as a BOD along side your CBOD samples to determine if there is a significant difference in adding the inhibitor or not.

Can we use these standard for calibration of analytical equipment and analysis of waste water,sewage water and effluent water application? If possible how?

This standard can be used to check the calibration of your analytical procedures and equipment. It comes with a certified value and acceptance range for each of the parameters listed. Simply measure out the amount of standard as required by the test method and analyze it exactly as you would a sample.

Can you send me a sample?

This product is not available to sample.

what is the shelf life of your Universal Wastewater Standard

This product has an expiration date of 1-year from date of manufacture.

Is there a range for BOD or just 198mg/L ?

Standard Methods 5210 states that the true value of the GGA standard to be 198 mg/L with an acceptance range of +/- 30.5 mg/L. To comply with the method you should always use this range. This standard as well as the other GGA standards we offer meet the Standard Methods requirements.

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