I am just now learning about Polyseed and the BOD test. Why are additional microbes only added to the bottles at Day 1 and not throughout Day 1-5?

The purpose of adding the microbes is to ensure a sufficient population that will carry out the biodegradation measured by the test. The organisms are not consumed or used up during the short incubation period. Adding anything in during the incubation period could potentially alter the amount of oxygen available in solution and compromise the accuracy of the test.

Do the capsules dissolve or do you have to open them and dump the contents in?

You are supposed to open the capsule and pour the contents into the appropriate volume of dilution water. The capsule is like a standard pill capsule and pulls apart.

Is the use of these one capsule per each 300 mL BOD bottle?

The seed is rehydrated in 500 mLs of BOD and is used as your sample spike.

What cultures of bacteria are in Polyseed

The exact formulation of the Polyseed is proprietary in nature. It does contain specialized microbial cultures of 11 different strains of soil based Bacillus bacteria. It is free of nitrifying microorganisms, is non-pathogenic, and is non-toxic. PolySeed is formulated to yield test results that meet the guidelines set forth in The Standard Methods for Examination of Water and Wastewater.

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