COD Vials, Not EPA Approved

COD Vials, Not EPA Approved

Our COD MicroVials meet all the requirements set forth in HazCom 2012. We have reformatted our Safety Data Sheets and our labels have been updated to the GHS format as seen below.

COD GHS Box Labels COD GHS Vial Labels

California Proposition 65

Click the following link for more information on Environmental Express's compliance with California Proposition 65.

With Mercury

Item No. Description
B1020 COD Digestion Vials w/Hg 0-15,000mg/L, 98pk

Without Mercury

Item No. Description
B0010 COD Digestion Vials Hg Free 0-150mg/L 100 pk
B0015 COD Digestion Vials Hg Free 0-1500mg/L 100pk
B0020 COD Digestion Vials HgFree 0-15 000mg/L 98pk


Do you have B1020 that are non mercury containing?

We offer product B0020, COD Digestion Vials HgFree 0-15,000mg/L 98pk HAZARDOUS.

What is the case weight?

Each box of B0010 weighs approximately 5.5 lbs.

How do I get the MSDS on this product

Go to the following link and click on \"COD Solutions\" http://www.envexp.com/msds\r\nChoose the last document in the list.

Is B0010 - COD a micro COD vial? If not, what is the size of a micro COD vial?

Yes, these vials are classified as micro COD vials.

Do you have a COD mercury free digestion vials that is EPA approved?

The EPA does not currently have a COD method that supports mercury free digestion reagents. Therefore, all COD vials that are used for regulatory purposes must contain the required amount of mercury salt in order to produce valid results.

Hello, may you please inform me whether the: Item No.: B1015S - Samples: COD Digestion Vials w/ Hg, 0-1500mg/L, 5pk, are suitable for the spectrophotometer SMART3 of Lamotte? Thank you in advance.

The Smart3 colorimeter does have an available COD/UDV adapter that allows you to read standard COD vials. It is important to note that the cover of the colorimeter does not close when using COD vials. The COD adapter does help to minimize ambient light interference but the user should be aware of this and not attempt measurements in direct light.


The samples are free. Please see the following page for our current price listing. http://www.envexp.com/component/envexp/1-Wet_Chemistry/COD-COD_Testing/COD-COD_Vials%2C_Not_EPA_Approved/B0015-COD_Digestion_Vials%2C_Hg_Free%2C_0-1500mg|L%2C_100pk

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