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COD Testing

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HotBlockā„¢ COD Reactor

At Environmental Express, our goal is to deliver the best and most efficient products to our customers. We have incorporated this philosophy into our newest product...The HotBlock COD Reactor. Using our HotBlock technology, we have designed a COD reactor that can digest 56 samples at one time - that's two full analytical batches! Compare this to competitor blocks that can only digest 12, 15, or 25 samples at a time. Our COD reactor is dependable and durable and is backed by our amazing Customer Support and Technical teams.

HotBlock COD Reactor is designed to hold 16mm diameter, round-bottom vials.  This is the tyical size of all digestion vials for not only the COD digestion but also many other digestion vial chemistries.  Contact your Sales Representative today for pricing and more information.

Product Sheet for the HotBlock COD Reactor 


Don\'t you carry the 25 place reactor anymore? Would your COD microvials fit into this reactor?

We do not carry the 25 place reactor any longer. Our COD vials do fit in this reactor. The standard size of a COD vial is 16 mm.

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