Are the spots drilled out for these tubes round or flat? Will they hold flat bottom tubes? Is there a rack with the block?

The standard holes for the COD reactor are for round-bottom tubes to hold COD vials such as our B1015 vials. If you require a hole to accommodate flat-bottom tubes we can create a custom block for you. You would need to submit a request with your specifications to productdev@envexp.com. Racks do not come standard with this reactor.

Can the temperature of this reactor (B3000) be set to anything other than 150 degrees C? Does this reactor have an automatic turn-off feature, after two hours?

You can adjust the setpoint temperature to be anything from ambient to 150°C. Using the timer function, the controller will automatically change the set point temperature to 25°C once the timer reaches 0:00. It will not turn off the block itself.

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