The new OrionĀ® AquaMate spectrophotometers offer the accuracy, dependability and ease of use your lab requires. The compact design, intuitive operation and innovative features of AquaMate spectrophotometers ensure your lab will have the ideal instrument for water analysis and beyond.

Choose the AquaMate 7000 Vis Spectrophotometer for 325 to 1100 nm wavelengths or AquaMate 8000 UV-Vis with full 190 to 1100 nm wavelengths for the most extensive measurement options.

rAPID-T Discrete Analyzer

Item No. Description
EE0634310 Visible Light Cuvettes, PS, 4.5 mL; 500/Pk
EE0634315 Methacrylate UV Cuvettes; 4.5 mL, 500/Pk
EE0634320 Square Semimicro Cuvettes, PS; 1.5 mL, 500/Pk
EE0634331 Square Cuvette Caps LDPE, 19 mm Depth; 1000/Cs
EE0634335 Disposible Cuvette Stirring Rod/Spatulas; 1000/Cs
EE0634360 Visible Cuvettes, polystyrene, 4.5 mL; 500/pack
EE0634370 Methacrylate UV Cuvettes; 1.5 mL, 500/Pk
EE0634380 Fluorometery Cuvettes, Methacrylate, 4.5mL; 500/Pk
EE1704501 NIST-traceable calibration for spectrophotometers
EE8305621 Jenway 7410 Scanning Vis. Spectrophotometer w/CPLive
EE8305622 Jenway 7415 Scanning UV/Vis Spectrophotometer w/CPLive
EE8305623 Jenway 7415 Scan. Nano Micro-vol Spectro. w/CPLive
EE8305628 Tungsten halogen bulb 7410 series spectrophotometer,Ea
EE8305629 Automatic 8-Cell Changer for Jenway 7400 series
EE9956456 Thermo Scientific AquaMate 6-Position Cell Holder
EE9956458 THERMO SCIENTIFIC AquaMate 3-Position Cell Holder
EE9956460 THERMO SCIENTIFIC AquaMate 1-Position Cell Holder
EE9956461 Thermo Scientific AquaMate USB Memory Stick
EE9956462 THERMO SCIENTIFIC AquaMate Power Cord, 240V, UK Plug
EE9956463 Thermo Scientific AquaMate Power Cord, 220V, Euro


For the spectrophotometerabove do you sell only one or two position carrier

No, we only have the 8-place changer.

Does the Aquamate 8000 accomodate cell cylindrical cuvettes? Also, can this system be used for COD analysis (does the door closure accomodate HACH COD digesetion vials)?

This unit comes equipped with an adjustable round vial holder that accommodates 13, 16, and 24 mm round vials. It can be used for COD analysis and will hold Hach brand COD vials.

What other analysis can the AquaMate 7000 perform other than COD?

This Spectrophotometer can handle any type of analysis that requires 325 to 1100 nm selectable wavelengths and 5 nm spectral bandwidth.

Cell path length?

A wide variety of vials and cuvettes can be used, including 10mm square, 20 and 50mm rectangular and an adjustable round vial holder that accommodates 13, 16 and 24mm round vials.

Does it use prepackaged reagents like the Hach meters?

There are prepackaged reagents available for use with this spectrophotometer. It is also compatible with reagents from a variety of vendors and comes with programs for reading samples using those reagent sets. Prepackaged reagents are not required for use with these specs. You will have the capability to make and use your own reagents.

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