MicroBlock Cyanide Systems

*MicroBlock Cyanide Systems

MicroBlock™ distillation systems simplify the tedious chore of conventional distillation procedures. The MicroBlock- V series has a vacuum attachment for Cyanide while the MicroBlock-R series is designed for applications that do not require air/vacuum control.

Both systems use a 10-postition PTFE-coated aluminum heating block with digital temperature control, timer and built-in flow meter for cooling water. Temperature is adjustable up to 190°C, meeting the requirements of all referenced distillation procedures. MicroBlock Systems reduce chemical waste by 90%.

Reduced volume MicroBlock distillation systems comply with the following EPA methodologies:
Cyanide, EPA 335.4
Phenol, EPA 420.1
Ammonia, EPA 350.1

Block Specifications:

Construction - PTFE-coated aluminum block, powder-coated steel housing

Weight - 26 lbs.

Dimensions - 30"w x 13"d x 16"h

Electrical - 120 VAC, 8A

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Item No. Description
C5200 MicroBlock-V System w/10 sets Cyanide Glassware
C5200-240 MicroBlock-V System w/10 sets Cyanide Glassware, 240V
C5201 MicroBlock-V, Block Only
G3050 1/8 HP Vacuum Pump 25.5" Hg, 115VAC


Can you adjust the flow rate of the water going to the cold fingers?

There are no internal mechanisms to increase the flow of water into the cold fingers. You have to increase the flow of water into the manifold.


Yes, it does.

what is the part numer for the tubing in the back for the cooling water flow?

See item C5206

will this work with simple dist system 12 spot manifold?

Yes, this pump is perfectly adequate for the SimpleDist system.

What size fuses are in the micro Block

It looks like it is a 15 amp fuse.

Can samples be read with the DR2800?

The distillate from this unit can be used in any spectrometer capable of reading the proper wavelength.

Is the MicroBlock-V fully programmable for temperature and time, including ramps and multiple temperatures?

Yes, the controller is capable of having up to 16 different ramp and hold settings in one programing run.

what is the concentration range can be extracted by using your instrument?

The amount that can be distilled on this unit is entirely dependent on the method of distillation that is used. EPA method 335.4 is a commonly used method for cyanide distillation and analysis. It is written to cover a range of 5-500 ?g/L. Concentrations greater than that value can be distilled but they typically are diluted prior to distillation.

What is the recommended temperature for the condensing water and what would the specification be for a suitable chiller?

Water from the cold tap is generally sufficient for this unit. If the tap water starts to creep above 30-35°C you may see decreased performance. If you do need to use a chiller it needs to be able to circulate the water at a rate of 50-60 gph.

Can this unit be used for ammonia distillation if the vacuum is turned off?

Yes, the unit can be used to distill ammonia or phenol without the vacuum being utilized. Be aware that you cannot use the same glassware. You will need the glassware designed for the ammonia/phenol distillation.

Does it need a vacuum pump?

Yes, if you are going to use this unit to distill samples for cyanide, a vacuum pump is required. If you wish to use it for ammonia and phenol, no vacuum source is needed. An acceptable vacuum source is item G3050.

operating manual

All operating manuals can be found on the website at the following link:\r\nhttp://www.envexp.com/product-manuals\r\n

Does this MicroBlock system also apply to SM 4500 C,E?

Both SM4500 C and SM4500 E are analytical techniques that follow SM 4500B which is the distillation step. It is SM4500B that the MicroBlock is used for.

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