Yes, it does.

what is the part numer for the tubing in the back for the cooling water flow?

See item C5206

Can samples be read with the DR2800?

The distillate from this unit can be used in any spectrometer capable of reading the proper wavelength.

Is the MicroBlock-V fully programmable for temperature and time, including ramps and multiple temperatures?

Yes, the controller is capable of having up to 16 different ramp and hold settings in one programing run.

what is the concentration range can be extracted by using your instrument?

The amount that can be distilled on this unit is entirely dependent on the method of distillation that is used. EPA method 335.4 is a commonly used method for cyanide distillation and analysis. It is written to cover a range of 5-500 ?g/L. Concentrations greater than that value can be distilled but they typically are diluted prior to distillation.

Does this MicroBlock system also apply to SM 4500 C,E?

Both SM4500 C and SM4500 E are analytical techniques that follow SM 4500B which is the distillation step. It is SM4500B that the MicroBlock is used for.

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