Distillation Systems

Distillation Systems

Distillation Systems Product Lines:

MicroBlock™ distillation systems simplify the tedious chore of conventional distillation procedures. The MicroBlock- V series has a vacuum attachment for Cyanide while the MicroBlock-R series is designed for applications that do not require air/vacuum control.

Both systems use a 10-postition PTFE-coated aluminum heating block with digital temperature control, timer and built-in flow meter for cooling water. Temperature is adjustable up to 190°C, meeting the requirements of all referenced distillation procedures. MicroBlock Systems reduce chemical waste by 90%.

Reduced volume MicroBlock distillation systems comply with the following EPA methodologies:
            Cyanide, EPA 335.4
            Phenol, EPA 420.1
            Ammonia, EPA 350.1