if you are doing NH4 disstilation do you need different glassware . do you run block at a diiferent tem.

This glassware is used for both ammonia and phenol distillation. The only difference in the setup is using the long or short outlet tube. The block temperature setting is the same for both methods.

For phenol distillation, you must pierce the septum during digestion. Are these septa for one use only?

These are resealing septa. They can be used over multiple distillations.

Hello! I had wanted to see if there was any kind of documentation available for verifying the volume of the receiver tubes. Thank you in advance!

The receiver tubes hold 50mL of solution. Unfortunately, we do not have any documentation stating this.

what is the tubing that attaches to the cold finger called?

The tubing does not have a specific name. It is part number C5221 in our system.

does part number C5221 include glassware?

No, this is just the tubing that connects the distillation and receiving pieces together and attaches to the vacuum. All required fittings are included. Reference the picture of the cyanide glassware on item C5212.

what size opening is the reaction tube?

We do not have the dimensions of the glassware for this item. Please email our info line, info@envexp.com, for information on contacting the manufacturer of this product.

Do these Needle valves come with replacement instructions? We have an instument services area.Who should they contact for questions

Please contact info@envexp.com for electronic copies of these instructions.

Length, volume of Absorption flask C5012 ?

The dimensions of the C5012 are 1\" in diameter and 10\" in length and holds 50 mls of liquid.

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