Distillation Systems

Distillation Systems

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The SimpleDist® System from Environmental Express offers a safe, convenient option for cyanide and ammonia collection. The 12-position system eliminates most of the glassware associated with traditional systems. The system does not use cooling water or the cumbersome tubing that cooling water requires, making it easy to use and inexpensive to maintain and operate.

Other benefits include:

  • - Convenient, disposable cyanide/ammonia collection traps provide a low cost alternative to completely disposable systems while allowing the analyst to use a traditional 50mL sample size.
  • - The heating block is based on proven Environmental Express HotBlock® technology. The manifold is removable so the 12-position block can also be used for metals digestions.
  • - The SimpleDist System uses the traditional chemistry found in EPA Method 335.4, and Standard Methods 4500-CN-C for Cyanide and EPA Method 350.1 and Standard Methods 4500-NH3 for Ammonia.

Don't forget that we also offer equipment and supplies for TKN Digestions.

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