I have a 36 well environmental express hot block. It appears All I need is the manifold kit. I believe these hold the 50 ml digestion tubes.

If you wish to convert the 36-well HotBlock to a distillation system, you need to order item C6210 and have some sort of vacuum pump. Item G3050 is available if you do not have a pump available.

what is the part number and price for the 36 well hotblock for 50 ml cyanide tubes

The correct item is SC100. Please contact your sales representative for a price quote. http://www.envexp.com/blog/108-sales-territory

The distillation step in SM 4500-NH3 requires 500mL of sample to be distilled but the storage vessel on the C6000 only holds 50mL. How is this compliant when it cannot contain the volume required?

The EPA recognizes method modifications that change the sample volume analyzed as long as all reagent volumes are similarly changed to keep the same ratio.

You can do 12 distillation at one time. Can you start them at different time say 40 minutes later?

The block does not have a delayed start function. If you have additional unused spaces it is possible to add extra samples during the distillation procedure. You would need to allow the later samples to distill for the recommended time to achieve full recovery.

Does the complete system also include to vacuum pump?

A vacuum pump is not included. We offer item G3050 that is suitable for use with this manifold.

We have the SimpleDist unit. We used it for SM 4500-NH3. Since we have been told this unit could measure TKN, as in method SM 4500-NorgB. We want to have more information on how to setup the method.

The SimpleDist can be used to distill the digestate produced from the TKN digestion. You will have to bring the digestate to an appropriate volume and adjust the pH as required by your distillation method. This will convert it to a similar matrix as regular ammonia samples and allow them to all be run together. You must have a separate TKN digestion unit to do the original digestion.

Does this setup require a chemical fume hood, or does the vacuum on the system take care of that? I need to know if this system could be left on a bench top please.

When operating properly, all distilled vapors will be collected in the trapping solution. Any excess vapors or fumes will pass through the vacuum pump. If any backflow issues occur, liquid and/or vapors could come out of the boiling tube onto the unit itself and release vapors into the room.

When preparing a sample for a total cyanide distillation, do you shake the sample prior to pouring off the 50 mL aliquot?

Samples should be homogenized prior to analysis.

What is the part number for your boiling tubes for the simple dist. (50 mL)

The part number you are looking for is C6010 - Borosilicate Glass Boiling Threaded Tube, 30X200mm.

What are the dimensions of this unit?

The manifold measures 19.5”w x 11.25”d x 25”h. The block will sit inside of the manifold footprint.

we do a 500 ml sample for raw influent ammonia would this work for that and how much is it

The SimpleDist System is designed for cyanide and ammonia distillations following any of the accepted EPA or Standard Methods methodologies. The system is designed to use either 50mL or 25mL of sample.

Can the traps be purchased without trapping solution?

The C6100 taps are always sold without any trapping solution. We offer the trapping solution in a \"Snip & Pour\" tube. Depending on the chemistry you are doing those tubes would be part # C7005 or C7125 for ammonia and C7115 for cyanide.

Can the traps be cleaned, refilled, and reused?

No - the traps are designed to be disposable and one-time use only.

is a vacuum pump included with the system?

A vacuum pump is not included with this system. If you need a vacuum source it must be ordered separately. Item G3050 is sufficient for this purpose.

Do you have a way to accurately measure the flow rate of the vacuum on each collection trap for cyanide distillation using the SimpleDist system?

We do not have any type of system designed to measure the vacuum in and out of the traps. The only guidance we have is to observe the bubbling rate inside the traps and keep them visually consistent.

Is the distillation method that you are using equivalent to any EPA methods/Standard Methods or approved?

Yes. We use a scaled version of the EPA methods for those included in the instruction manual. Standard Methods can be similarly scaled for any points in which the differ from the EPA methods to also be run on this unit.

what is the maximum weight of soil sample you can use in the simple Dist for Cyanide?

Our procedure is based off of EPA accepted methods that call for the use of 0.5-1.0 g of solid material that is distilled into 50 mL of catch solution. The amount of cyanide and organic materials present in the sample will be the ultimate determination in how much sample can be used. Generally samples should contain less than 2500 ug of cyanide (to ensure proper trapping in the distillate) and be low in organic components. There is no numerical value to determine if the sample will distill properly but the more organic constituents are present the more likely the sample is to boil over and/or cake the bottom of the frit and interrupt the distillation procedure.

Can TKN analysis be done on this?

This block is not capable of reaching the temperature necessary to perform TKN digestion. However, the system can distill the digestate the results from TKN digestion if your process requires it

Traps disposable? Hotblock used for digestion, too?

Any sized HotBlock can be used with the SimpleDist system. The Block included in this is a 12 place block but the manifold will fit on any of our standard Blocks. If you already have one you can easily get just the manifold and glassware to use the block for distillation. The traps are disposable.

Is this approved for sm 4500 cn?

Different pieces of equipment are no longer receiving approval for various methods. Instead the EPA has issued a statement that only methods are approved. As long as the equipment can be used following the approved method it will be acceptable. This distillation system follows the exact same chemistry as is found in all approved cyanide methods.

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