What material do you use to make your C6120A washers?

These are made of natural rubber.

Why won\'t the Hot Block change temperatures?

If the block turns on but does not heat, the mat has most likely failed.\r\nIf block will heat to the set point on the controller, but the set point cannot be changed, the controller has most likely failed.\r\nYou can find more detailed troubleshooting steps and the replacement part numbers in the manual. It can be found here http://www.envexp.com/product-manuals, file name \"HotBlock Manual 10.2018.pdf\"

Is there any certification for the graduated 25 mL mark on these traps? Or certification with each lot?

The 25 mL line is not certified. It will be consistent between traps so that all distillates will be comparable in final volume.

Is this the recommended pump for your 18 position simple dist manifold Item No.: G3050 - 1/8 HP Vacuum Pump 25.5

Yes it is.

What is your volume accuracy for the C6100 SimpleDist Collection traps and how is it determined? What is your accuracy range (tolerance) for the collection traps?

We have not established any volume accuracy data for this product. Because it is a molded product it is precise in the volume that it holds. The intent is that the samples and calibration/check standards are all distilled in like manner. If they are then brought up to the same comparable level they can be used with one another. If you need a certain level of accuracy to 25 mL you will be best served using a graduated cylinder or volumetric flask to make the final volume adjustments.

Is there a certificate of analysis for the collection trap?

This product does not come with a COA.

Are these one time use traps or can they be reused? If they can be reused, what is an appropriate cleaning procedure?

These traps are intended for one-time use.

Are these considered Class A labware? Is there a validation of any kind that can be shown to NELAC Assessors?

These are not Class A certified.

Can we order just the flow control valves? I need to replace them from item C6012

You can order the flow control valves separately. The part number is C6005.

Is the C6010 Class A and ship with lot numbers.

These are not Class A certified nor do they come with lot numbers.

Are all the parts for Simple Distillation is reusable?

All of the parts are reusable except for the collection traps and the reagent addition tubes. The two-port cap inserts can be reused but the smaller port will wear out over time due to the changing of the reagent addition tubes.

Can the traps ever be re-used? or are they single-use.

The traps are disposable and are meant for one-time use.

I need the CofA for C6100, lot 422P3A1-4343.

There is no C of A available for this particular item.

Is there an expiration date on the collection traps from Simple Dist System?

Environmental Express does not provide the collection traps packaged with any chemicals or reagents already inside. Therefore we do not have any expiration dates on the traps themselves.

Are the 38mm cap washers able to be used multiple times or not?

Yes, these washers can and should be used multiple times. You should check prior to use for cracking or wear in the rubber. This will indicate that it is in need of repair.

can the SimpleDist two port cap insert be washed and reused or must they be disposed after using ?

The two port cap is not intended to be a disposable item. It can be reused multiple times with proper washing. Hot soapy water followed by a reagent water rinse will be sufficient to clean these pieces. The only reason to replace the cap would be eventual wear that compromises the seal and creates vacuum leaks.

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