We need a manual or instructions to set up C6200 SimpleDist.

The manual is available at http://www.envexp.com/product-manuals. The document is titled \"SimpleDist System Manual 08.2016.pdf\"

How much water vapour gas and sample mist gets past membrane into collector over 1 hour? How easy to adjust bubble rate on all 18 evenly? Price C6200package and components separate? Price G3050?

The full amount of distilled analyte should transfer from the boiling tube into the collection trap. How much volume that is will depend on the analyte and how much is present. Very little water vapor should pass through the frit. We expect 1-2 mL. You should use use a concentrated trapping solution that when diluted to 25 mL with DI water is the appropriate end concentration.

What is the dimensions of the manifold? Do I need a seperate vacuum pump for this setup?

The dimensions of this manifold are 25.125 in. wide by 23.75 in. tall. This manifold does require a vacuum pump to operate.

amount vacumm do you need to connect to manifold for 50 ml hotblock

There is no specified vacuum for the SimpleDist system. Each individual station will be adjusted to give the appropriate rate of bubbling for the distillation to be complete. Generally speaking, a pump capable of providing 25.5\" Hg will be sufficient for the system.

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