Can you fit two of these 12 valve manifolds on the 36 well block?

Yes, two of the 12-place manifolds will comfortably fit on opposite sides of a 36-well block.

What is the dimensions of the manifold? Do I need a seperate vacuum pump for this setup?

The dimensions of this manifold are 22.5 in. wide by 23.75 in. tall. This manifold does require a vacuum pump to operate.

Can you fit 2 manifolds on a 36-place hot block?

Yes, two of these manifolds will fit around the 36-place block (SC100)

what would the time of the distillation collection process be. at what temperature does the hot block get set to?

The HotBlock is set to a temperature of 135 C. Once the block reaches temperature distillation continues for one hour.

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