I\'m looking for a replacement for the Hach A17517A tubes. Can you tell me which of your products that would be?

The Hach part number that you listed is for Micro Dist tubes for Ammonia testing. We have the SimpleDist tubes for Ammonia, which are a direct replacement for the Hach Ammonia tubes. We do not have a 50 pk like the Hach part number, but we sell in packs of 10 (C8010A), 21 (C8021A), 26 (C8026A), and 100 (C8100A).

Is this product made by EnvExpress? I ask bc we\'ve been using an identical product by Hach, and we are not pleased with their products performance, and are looking for a new manufacturer.

Yes, we do make this product.

approved to use with SM 4500-NH3C? collection tube in the SM is required 2.5 ml Boric acid for 25 ml collection vol. to trap NH3 but it could not add 2.5 ml Boric acid using the tube?

This distillation system has approval in 40 CFR part 136 for cyanide via method 10-204-00-1-X. Approval for other methods must be sought from your accrediting agency. Typically reduced volume methods are acceptable provided all reagents remain in the same molar ratio as in the approved methods.

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