Are these tubes Class A?

Plastic products cannot be given a Class A designation. This product can give results consistent with Class A tolerances.

What is the diameter of the simpledist tubes?

These tubes have a varying diameter along the length of them. The sample tube portion that fits in the distillation block is 15 mm diameter.

Are COA\'s available for this product?

This product does not come with a Certificate of Analysis.

Do you provide an SOP that describes the releasing and trapping solutions to use? Also the method performance specifications?

you have an existing Micro Distillation block and tubes from another vendor the instructions for use are the same. If you do not currently own a block and need the instructions for use it will be available for download when you purchase one from us. The method performance numbers are equivalent to those distillation methods currently listed in 40 CFR part 136.

Is there a direct match available for Hach part number A17117? These are their user fill ones.

All of our tubes are user fill. We have broken them down into a different part number depending on the test you wish to run. Part numbers ending in A are for ammonia, C are for cyanide, and P are for phenol. The digits in the part number correspond to the number of tubes. The handling for each tube is slightly different to ensure cleanliness for the analyte of interest.

Can I use these with a Lachat Micro Dist unit? Do you have a product interchangeable with Hach part A17117A?

Yes, these tubes are fully compatible with that unit. This product is intended to be a direct match for the part you have referenced.

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