Where can I find the COA for the micro distillation tubes?

These products do not come with a COA.

Needing MSDS for the SimpleDist Tubes - Phenol

There are no chemicals or reagents present in this product. It falls under the definition of an article and does not require an SDS.

Needing Certificate of Analysis for the SimpleDist Tubes - Phenol

There is no certificate of analysis available for the SimpleDist Micro tubes.

Do these have expiration dates?

There are no listed expiration dates for any variety of the SimpleDist Micro tubes. They do not contain any reagents.

Are C8100C CN micro dist. tubes the same as C8100P for phenols. ? Have been using HACH Lachat tubes were the CN and Phenols could use the same tube. Ammonia being different.

All our tubes are made from the same base resin. They each have a slightly different handling and packaging procedure to keep them free from specific contaminants.

Hi, what is the difference between C8100P and C8100C distillation micro tubes?

C8100P is used for phenol distillation. C8100C is to be used in cyanide distillation. The tubes are processed in a way as to be free of the analytes of interest.

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