Are these reusable? If so what is the cleaning process?

These IC vials are disposable and meant for a one-time use. By using them more than once, you run the risk of cross-contamination.

Do these filter caps contain resin to remove iron like the Dionex H ones do?

No, we do not have any special resin in the cap to remove undesirable ions from the sample. Our frit is merely for removing particles that are too large for the instrument flow path.

What is the porosity of the filter?

The filter is made of chromatography grade sintered polyethylene and has a nominal pore size of 40-60 microns.

what is the outside diameter of the vial

The vials are 15.2 mm (0.6 in.) in diameter.

Are these tubes and caps contaminant free (for use for anions) to the ppm level?

Yes the tubes and caps are contaminant free.

what is the function of the filter cap

The cap functions as an inline filter. It filters the sample prior to instrument injection to prevent clogging.

Are these vials compatable with the Dionex ICS AS-DV autosampler?

Yes they are. These vials are comparable to Dionex part number 038141.

Dear sir. This product is the product dionex P/N 038009?

Part number K1250 is the vial and the filter cap together in one package. This is equivalent to Dionex part number 038141. If you want just the filter cap use part number K3250. If you want just the vial use part number K2250. If you want the vial and cap with no filter use part number K4250.

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