Nitrate Spectrophotometers

*Nitrate Spectrophotometers

The Jenway 7205 spectrophotometer leverages diode array technology to produce exceptionally fast results and covers a wavelength range of 198 to 800nm with a spectral bandwidth of 5nm.

Key Features

  • Scanning diode array technology
  • Color touchscreen navigation
  • Small footprint and lightweight
  • Fast scan speed
  • French language option
  • Multiple USB ports for data storage and printer connectivity
  • Extensive range of accessories available

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Environmental Express Jenway Spectrophotometers

Item No. Description
EE8305602 Jenway 7205 ScanningUV Vis Spectrophotometer 90-240VAC

Spectrophotometer Accessories

Item No. Description
EE0634373 BrandTech 759150 Disp UV-Cuvettes Semi-Micro 100/Pk
EE8305677 Jenway Heated Cuvette Hldr for 7200 Scan Viz Specmeter
EE8305679 Jenway Printer 72 Series Spectroscopy SMP50 Melt Point
EE8305680 Jenway 630-005 Rectangle LongPath Cell Holder 10-100mm
EE8305682 Micro-cuvette holder with reduced aperture
EE8307041 10 x 10mm single cuvette holder
EE8307043 Jenway 637-071 Specmeter Cuvette Hldr 10mmSQ, 16-24mm
EE9961033 Pack of 100 plastic cuvettes, visible wavelengths only
EE9995981 Additional paper roll for the SMP50/PRINTER