Dissolved Oxygen Benchtop Meters

*Dissolved Oxygen Benchtop Meters

Dissolved oxygen meters (DO) are available in handheld and benchtop models. When selecting a dissolved oxygen meter, keep in mind the following variables: types of probes, waterproof housing, automatic barometric pressure compensation, manual barometric pressure compensation, salinity adjustment, temperature compensation, memory capabilities, and replaceable membranes, caps and modules.

Environmental Express Oakton Benchtop Meters

Item No. Description
EE3541500 Oakton DO 700 Benchtop Dissolved Oxygen Meter
EE3541501 Oakton DO700 Benchtop DO Meter w/ NIST-Traceable Cal
EE3541600 Oakton DO2700 Benchtop Meter
EE3541601 Oakton DO2700 BT DO Meter, w/ NIST calibration

Thermo Orion VersaStar Benchtop Meters

Item No. Description
EE5882525 Thermo Orion VERSA STAR RDO/DO Module
EE5882585 Orion VersaStar BT Meter w/RDO/DO Module