Hach Reagents and Test Kits

*Hach Reagents and Test Kits
Environmental test kits for your Hach Colorimeter. Order the test kits for the Hach colorimeter to complete your water testing protocol.

All kits require a Hach colorimeter. Chemical Oxygen Demand (COD), Total Nitrogen, and Total Phosphorus require a Hach COD reactor.

Item No. Description
EE9957403 Aluminum Colorimeter Test Kit, 0 to 0.8 ppm, 100/Pk
EE9957404 HACH 21055-69 USEPA Free Chlorine Test Kit; 100/Kit
EE9957405 HACH 21056-69 USEPA Total Chlorine Test Kit; 100/Kit
EE9957406 ColorimeterFreeCopper TestKit 0-210ppb 100/K HAZARDOUS
EE9957407 Cyanide Colorimeter Test Kit, 0 to 0.24 ppm, 100/Pk
EE9957408 Colorimeter Test Kit, Fluoride SPADNS, 2ppm; 25/kit
EE9957409 HACH 21057-69 EPA Total Iron Test Kit; 100/Kit
EE9957410 Colorimeter TestKit Manganese EPA20ppm 100/k HAZARDOUS
EE9957411 Nitrate Colorimeter Test Kit, 0 to 30 ppm, 100/Pk
EE9957412 Hach Nitrate Colorimeter Test Kit, 0-0.5ppm; 100/Pk
EE9957413 Colorimeter Test Kit, Nitrite EPA, 0.35ppm; 100/kit
EE9957414 HACH26722-45 EPA Total Nitrogen TestKit 50/K HAZARDOUS
EE9957415 Colorimeter Dissolved O2 Test Kit, 0-15ppm, 25/kit
EE9957416 Hach Ozone Colorimeter Test Kit, 0-0.75 ppm, 25/Pk
EE9957417 HACH 21060-69 EPA Ortho-Phosporus Test Kit; 100/Kit
EE9957418 HACH 27426-45 USEPA Total Ph Test Kit 50/K HAZARDOUS
EE9957419 Hach Silica Colorimeter Test Kit, 0-75 ppm, 100/Pk
EE9957421 Colorimeter Sulfate EPATestKit 0-70ppm 100/k HAZARDOUS
EE9957422 Colorimeter Sulfide EPATestKit, 0.7ppm 100/K HAZARDOUS
EE9957423 Hach Zinc ColorimeterTestKit 0-3.0 ppm 100/P HAZARDOUS